What We Do

We provide specific services tailored to customer requirements and budget!

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Between 90-95% of Google searchers will not go beyond the first result page! If the results are not satisfactory, they simply re-word their search term. Also, a good percentage of these people believe the best quality results come up first. It is however essential that your website’s pages show up on the first page and as close as possible to the top on relevant search results. We understand this and can help you get to the top via organic and paid methods.

360˚ Digital Marketing Solutions

We have various forms of Digital Solutions from which you can choose to immediately improve your status-quo without any extra stress added to you.

It is important for you to focus on delivering quality services to your customers, we understand this reality and are eager to help you with what we do best so you can focus on what you know best.

Email Newsletter Marketing

At Exude, we apply creative writing, amazing design and content development skills and an understanding of industry best practices with proven methods to deliver goal-oriented Email Newsletters to the right eyeballs.

Expect immediate results as we deploy a special mix of the right subjects that will get opened by the right people, the right content to keep their attention and the right graphics to inspire action.

Creative Brand Development

Do you desire the strengthening of your brand? Well, who doesn’t?

We help firms develop their brands either from scratch or from a pre-existing sleep state, through data-backed brand identification, brand strategy, brand communication and reputation building, in line with established business objectives.

Social Media Management and Advertising

We have developed specialized strategies to cut through the noise on Social Media; whatever the industry or demography, to ensure essential business communication is conveyed with clarity to the right profiles.

Brand exposure, sales conversions, brand loyalty, word-of-mouth spread, customer satisfaction and authority building are notable objectives we are skilled at achieving via Social Media.

Web / Mobile / App Development

It’s not just the 21st Century, it is 2019 and your online offices and outlets must be easily accessible to your target audience because that is where they spend most of their time. Their attention shifts from the TV to these digital devices the moment the evening news stops and your advert comes on.

Your chances of getting the physical handshake becomes very slim if the online handshake has not been initiated or is unsuccessful. Our job is to orchestrate these essential deal-making handshakes through efficient, engaging and multiplatform responsive Websites and Applications.

Content Development

How do you tell your story in order to win customers?

You don’t have to figure that out yourself because we are in the business of getting this done for brands on a daily basis, through well-crafted Press Releases, Graphics Design, Website Content, Blog Articles, Video Content, Audio Editing, Copy writing and Content Marketing that are aligned to practical business objectives.

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